Leroy Merlin


Leroy Merlin is a French home-improvement and gardening retailer serving thirteen countries. Generally established on the outskirts of major towns and cities, Leroy Merlin stores are large centres (9000 m2 on average) providing self-service and sales assisted services. Its business is centred on six main sectors: DIY, building, gardening, sanitary equipment, renewable energy, and interior decoration.

Desiring to improve the efficiency of the sales workforce, Leroy Merlin invested an online corporate university in order to digitalize the knowledge about their products and spread it out among their 4000 sales employees

Learning Tribes built the learning strategy from A to Z, creating and animating 20 Small Private Online Courses stored on our Digital Learning platform entirely customized for Leroy Merlin. The courses are all products related and the entire France sales workforce can now learn better about the product they sell everyday.


Project Name
Project Type
Release Date
Leroy Merlin
MOOC/SPOC design
February, 2016

Project Focus

Product 90%
Sales 65%
Marketing 45%

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