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This is our DNA, key to delivering amazing learning experiences.



Learning through customer story arcs that give context to the skills being learned.

Blended Learning

Blended Learning

Capturing the best of digital and face-to-face training for engaging and cost-effective learning.

Real World Training

Real World Training

Discussions, interactions, practice, role-plays, and simulations to help learners master the skills.



Leveraging the latest research in learning and human motivation: virtual reality, gamification, adaptive learning and AI.

Our ...

Based on our pedagogical approach we produce coherent and consistent learning experiences. Our solutions encompass multiple formats: face-to-face, ILT, eLearning, MOOC, COOC, mobile learning, VR & AR among others.


Maximize efficiency in the learning process

70% on-the-job experience – challenging assignments
20% informal learning – developmental relationships
10% formal learning – coursework and training

This model is used as a general guideline as we understand and promote more interconnected and social learning experiences.

Bloom’s taxonomy

We classify the learning objectives into a set of three hierarchical domains: cognitive, affective and sensory.

Our learning plans include different activities along the cognitive domain to effectively assist in the learning process.

Memory >Comprehension >Application >Analysis >Evaluation >Creation.


Pedagogical Ternary

Awakening of knowledge

Allows to remove bad learning habits and helps ideas emerge through the shared experiences of each participant.
Every section of the program starts with a collaborative exercise.

Methodological contributions

Provides milestones: Each section of the program includes a number of formal learning blocks that follow operational methods to achieve specific goals.


Engages learners with real-life practice: each section of the program provides practical exercises that emulate reality through role play, game, and simulation

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